Monday, March 29, 2010

Praises & Prayer Requests: 28 March 2010


Adam & Kristi C. are closing on their house this Friday! Pray that their old house will sell quickly.

Aimee & Lee M. received the deductible back on his car.

Caden is home!
Sydney is here!


Michelle C.'s sister & husband are considering moving from Florida to Madison. This is also the first week of a healthy household for Michelle.

Amanda C. is sick again; Ansley Kate is still recovering; Brett C. has a lot of soccer games in the next 2 weeks (one of his kids is Muslim and is having problems with is family along with having a cancerous lump on his back)

Kevin P.'s aunt Janie W. is in the hospital in Decatur after an ulcer started leaking

Aimee M. is having a CT scan done to have a view of her lungs

Laura Beth B.'s father and stepmother are getting divorced after 15 years of marriage. Pray for Laura Beth's children who don't understand, and that God's will would be done.

Rebecca B. could possible have a new job opportunity.

Kristi C.'s brother totaled his truck, but thankfully he is OK

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