Monday, March 1, 2010

Praises & Prayer Requests: 28 Feb 2010


Patrick B's Mom, who had bladder cancer, had surgery recently and she is now cancer free! She will have follow ups to make sure the cancer doesn't return.

Holly M--Jay's parents are in Hawaii but luckily there was no tsunami, only just some little waves.

Patrick B for creating this website!


Patrick B's cousin Ted (28-29 years old) has melanoma in his lymph node and he has no insurance. Patrick's dad Mike is also going through a lot of personal issues.

Michelle C--sister Leah is pregnant with her 2nd child, sister Nicole is pregnant with her 4th child, and sister Lauren (21-years-old) and her husband just adopted a 13-year-old, Bailey.

Holly M's Aunt and Uncle in Kentucky who have been married for 30 years are not doing well. They are each seek counseling separately. Emma Grace has an appointment with an asthma and allergies specialist because she has been having problems with her asthma, ear tubes, and adnoids.

Adam & Kristi C accepted an offer on a house, but Adam's car wreck from last year may prevent them from getting the loan.

Summer M--the preschool ministry is really needing some volunteers.

Aimee M pulled her back out this week.

John C's sister Heather and dealing with family issues.

Eric & Priscilla C have decided on an architect for their house, and ask for prayer on selling their house. Priscilla is traveling next week to Tennessee.

Jennifer's friend Lauren's mom Pat is still fighting a cancer that the doctors originally only gave her until January. Steve, who is also recovering from eye surgery, is traveling this week and Jennifer is 35 weeks pregnant.

Dustin D--Robert M is still looking for a job and needs prayer for his spirituality. Dustin's Aunt Norma had a light stroke this week. Dustin's sister's daughter Chelsea is addicted to meth and was caught in a high speed chase this week; pray that she will be put in jail where she can get the help she needs.

Jon We is in jolly ol' England while Cristin is in Tennessee this week with family.

Billy & Rebecca B's daughter Katie Lane is sick.

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