Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Praises and Prayer Requests - 30 May

- Grace N. was born healthy and without complication.
- Praise for the Nichols’ 6th Wedding Anniversary.
- Praise for Priscilla’s brother, Nate, getting to Iraq safely. Pray that the mission is successful.
- 20 decisions for Christ was made last weekend at Middle School Live Lockout.
- Mercy, Michelle C.’s niece, dedicated her life to Christ.
- Kenny’s Wednesday night classes went really well.
- Faith’s surgery was magnificent

- Pray for our leaders (spiritual and governmental) to turn to God and do his will.
- Ella Kathern Ray is 2 months old and has been diagnosed with Lukemia.
- John N.’s sister doesn’t want Jesus in her life although she professed her faith as a young child.
- Jay’s old Commander McHugh was killed in Iraq recently and left a wife a children behind.
- Pray for George D.’s salvation and a job.
- Pray for John M.’s salvation and a job. His company used him as a scapegoat recently.
- Pray for safe travels… Chapmans and Buckleys.
- Pray for men’s retreat to glorify God and for all the people to go to it that need to go.
- Pray for the next ladies bible study to be the one God would have us do.