Monday, April 19, 2010

Praises and Prayer Requests - 19 April


- Eric’s document was approved in 2 minutes.
- Amiee’s health is fine. Thank you for your prayers.
- Serving the City went well, praise God.
- Dustin’s business has doubled, but needs to hire two new employees. Pray that he finds 2 wonderful people. Pray that he passes his audit tomorrow.
- Emma Grace is doing better. Hearing is fine. Pray that she stays healthy enough to not need anymore antibiotics.
- Brett passed his certification test. Pray that God shows him what to do with it.

- Pray for Jonathan to have wisdom to know what to do about a potential new job.
- Pray for Lee and Courtney to have traveling mercies and that the Methvin kids obey mom on the first time without whining.
- Pray for Jim Boynton to have salvation and to be healed of his bone cancer. Pray for Sue Boynton to have peace that transcends all understanding.
- Pray for Jonathan Littlel to glorify God with his new cancer. He had cancer a few years ago and was healed, but it is back. He has had 2 new brain tumors removed and has to do radiation and chemo.
- Pray that Matt Moony’s company can hire fantastic new employees quickly so he does not have to wear so many hats and work such long hours. Their Aaron has a high fever.

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