Monday, March 8, 2010

Praises & Prayer Requests: 7 Mar 2010


Katie Lane bounced back from RSV!


John C.--Jonathan L. has had cancer since childhood and doctors have found a tumor in his brain. He is having a biopsy done on Friday. John's sister Heather was arrested this weekend for a DUI.

Holly M.--Uncle has filed for divorce from Aunt Holly and he's kicking her out. Aunt Holly will need a lot of help adjusting to being on her own.

The WBC Madison satellite campus starts services April 4th.

Steve C. is traveling to Canada this week. Jennifer C.'s brother-in-law Collin has been looking for a job for 1.5 years, and he and his wife Gretchen are struggling financially and would like to have a family.

Holly & Trey R. will be traveling a lot in the next 2 weeks.

Courtney B. is traveling this week.

Patrick B. has been praying about our schools, guns, and the parents.

Adam & Kristi C. have been turned down by 2 banks for a loan due to Adam's accident. They are expecting to hear from another bank on Monday.

Brett C.--Ansley Kate has a fever, rash, and a busted ear drum. They are going to see an ENT specialist. Brett's principal gave him a hard time for taking personal time with is family last week.

Billy B. is traveling this week

Stephanie A.--both sisters are pregnant, Jennifer (30 weeks) has a fibroid near her uterus and she's hoping to make it to 38 weeks. Stephanie is also looking into different childcare for Parker in the summer while she is at work.

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