Friday, May 21, 2010

Praises and Prayer Requests - 9 May


- Leah, Michelle C’s sister, is doing well with her pregnancy.
- George D. is doing well, he went back to work. He was not supposed to go yet. Salvation is still needed.
- Praise God for Mom’s.
- Praise God for Zach being at church on Sunday. (I think it was him.)

- Pray for John C. to have wisdom to know what to do about a potential new job.
- Mr. Boynton died last week. Pray for Sue, she is having a hard time because his salvation was unknown.
- Pray for Rebecca to have enough volunteers for the Mandessa concert.
- Pray for Susan and Kevin to have peace that passes all understanding and for God to comfort them in this difficult time.
- Pray for Zach, Amanda N.’s 13 year old cousin, he gave his life to the Lord on Easter and the devil is attacking him. He is from a broken home and did not grow up in church. Pray that Amanda and John have the wisdom to love on him with Christ’s love.
- Jill, Holly’s sister, her house is flooded in Nashville.
- Jay’s brother is having a difficult time at work.
- Pray for John C.’s sister, Heather, she went to a psychologist recently. This is a good thing…pray that it leads her in the direction of Christ.
- Pray for Pastor Mark’s voice to heal. Pray for him to have the wisdom he needs to get through this trial.
- Pray for the oil spill on the gulf coast to be stopped immediately and for protection of the area and for the workers to find new jobs if need be.
- Pray for Brett to have wisdom to know what to do about the coaching job and alternative financial opportunities.
- Pray for Ansley Kate to keep her glasses on at all times.
- Rick and Katie are traveling this week.
- Pray for our leaders (spiritual and governmental) to turn to God and do his will.
- Pray for Nichole’s, Michelle C’s sister, heart to be healed over her miscarriage.
- Pray for Patrick’s family. His mother, Jan, found his grandmother suddenly passed away on the day before mother’s day.
- Pray for the arsenal blast’s families.
- Pray for Daniel B. who has a brain tumor and is going to LA to have it removed. Pray that the surgery goes well and does not adversely affect his hearing…he is a musician for a living.
- Jeremy P., an active 33 year old, had two strokes after a triathlon. He will not be able to be active for 6 months.

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