Friday, May 21, 2010

Praises and Prayer Requests - 16 May


- Daniel B.’s tumor is not cancerous.
- Grant’s turning 1 on Tuesday.
- Praise for Sue B. doing as well as she can be. Continue to Pray that God comforts her for the loss of her husband.
- Zach and his mother came to church on Sunday. Keep praying for him because he is having a hard time manifesting Christ through himself especially at school. (don’t we all)
- Daniel and Sydney R., Amiee’s nephew’s, professed their faith recently. They will be baptized this summer.
- Rich M.’s first cancer treatment went really well. Pray that his white blood count goes up fast so he can get another treatment soon.
- Ansley Kate’s eyes are improving.

- Pray for John C. to have wisdom to know what to do about a potential new job.
- Pray for Rebecca to have enough volunteers for the Mandessa concert.
- Pray for Pastor Mark’s voice to heal. Pray for him to have the wisdom he needs to get through this trial.
- Pray for Brett to have wisdom to know what to do about the coaching job and alternative financial opportunities.
- Pray for our leaders (spiritual and governmental) to turn to God and do his will.
- Pray for Daniel B. who has a brain tumor and is going to LA to have it removed. Pray that the surgery goes well and does not adversely affect his hearing…he is a musician for a living.
- Jeremy Pope, an active 33 year old, had two strokes after a triathlon. He will not be able to be active for 6 months.
- Rick and Katie, Adam and Cristi, Michelle and Steve, and Holly and Jay are traveling this week.
- Ella Kathern Ray is 2 months old and has been diagnosed with Lukemia.
- Discovery Middle School teacher, John Mitchel, died last week.
- Jonathan L.’s tumor has come back aggressively. Pray that people see his death as a blessing.
- John N.’s sister doesn’t want Jesus in her life although she professed her faith as a young child.
- Rebecca was rear-ended in her car again for the 2nd time in 2 months. Praise that the lady had insurance, that Katie Lane was not in the car, and praise that Rebecca is sore but ok. Pray that the logistics work out and the car and the insurance get handled immediately.
- Pray for David to get his life together. He is homeless, got his girlfriend pregnant and her parents won’t let him see her, jobless.
- Pray for Holly’s 2 sisters to find jobs in their fields fast. They had to move back in with their parents and the parents were enjoying their empty nest.
- Jennifer C.’s brother-in-law still looking for a job.

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