Monday, May 3, 2010

Praises and Prayer Requests - 2 May


Sue Boynton’s coworkers raised 1300$ for her and her
husband. Continue to pray for her husband’s salvation and cancer.

Dustin’s audit went so well that his store is the best one in the state right now.


Pray for John C. to have wisdom to know what to do about a potential new job.

Dustin’s brother is in the hospital with head trauma. Salvation is needed as well as healing.

Pray for Rebecca to have enough volunteers for the Mandessa concert.

Pray for Susan and Kevin to have peace that passes all understanding and for God to comfort them in this difficult time.

Pray for Stephiane’s family. Baby Mills passed away. Rebecca and Roddy are the parents.

Pray for Zach, Amanda N. 13-year-old cousin, he gave his life to the Lord on Easter and the devil is attacking him. He is from a broken home and did not grow up in church. Pray that Amanda and John have
the wisdom to love on him with Christ’s love.

Holly’s girlfriend, Jill, is an only child and her mother recently passed away. She does not really have a relationship with her father.

Jill, Holly’s sister, her house is flooded in Nashville.

Jay’s brother is having a difficult time at work.

Pray for John C. sister, Heather, she went to a psychologist recently. This is a good thing…pray that it leads her in the
direction of Christ.

Pray for John C.’s new job process. He is asking for wisdom on what to do. Should he take the new job…he wants the Lord’s will to be done.

Pray for David D. to get settled into his new job in Iraq. Pray for protection for the duration of his stay. Pray that Dustin and Karen glorify the Lord with their child in Iraq.

Pray for Pastor Mark’s voice to heal. Pray for him to have the wisdom he needs to get through this trial.

Pray for the oil spill on the gulf coast to be stopped immediately and for protection of the area and for the workers to find new jobs if need be.

Pray for Brett C.…he is stressed about the uncertainty of the coaching job.

Pray for Caleb’s rash to go away.

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