Sunday, April 25, 2010

Praises and Prayer Requests - 25 April


Praise God for all the pregnant families in our class:
Kenny and Summer
Matt and Tammi
John and Amanda
Patrick and Courtney
Kevin and Susan

Rebecca starts her job at Huntsville Hospital in May

Mills had a good week and is up to 2.7 lbs. Continue to pray for his growth and of course Rebekah and Roddy

Susan is expecting! Please pray for them as the baby is under weight. They are going for an ultra sound this Thursday. Keep them all in you prayers.

Stephanie and her group will be counseling the Middle School who were affected by the recent school shooting in Madison. Please pray for them to have God's wisdom as they reach out to the students and their families.

Prayer Requests

Pastor Mark and his vocal cords. Pray for God's healing and that he would grow closer to Lord as a result of this trial.

Rebecca's friend, Rich Mckinney, has stage 3 cancer. He is in his early 30's and has two little girls.

Pray for all the families in Miss. who lost loved ones and suffered material losses from the storms yesterday. Ask God how you can help.

Lee knows of a man who was killed in the explosion at sea this week. He was the father of 1 child with his wife expecting also. Pray for all the families of this tragedy.

Kenny- Please continue to pray for his student and her husband who attempted suicide recently.

Pray for the entire Malone family in the death of their 8 year old son and the car accident that happened on the way to the hospital. May God demonstrate His love and grace to this family.

Laura C.- suffering from an unexplained pain this week in her side. No, it was not John !

John and Laura traveling to Disney this week with two toddlers. Yes, they may be crazy.

David D. going to Iraq to work at the Embassy.

Jay and Holly- Emma Grace having surgery tomorrow morning.

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